Wood Floors

Beautiful, Natural and Healthy

Natural wood flooring is elegant, timeless and unique. There is nothing quite like the character of real wood since no two planks are ever the same. Wood flooring has transformed interior spaces for centuries, and can be crafted into a range of colours and finishes to suit any space, making it versatile as well as naturally beautiful. Capable of wearing just 1mm over 100 years underfoot, wood flooring is incredibly strong, stable, durable, easy to clean AND environmentally friendly.

Wood and Stone Ltd supply and install a huge variety of 100% FSC European Oak wood floors in plank, herringbone, chevron and other formats. As well as offering hundreds of pre-finished wood flooring products in rustic grade, prime, grade, contemporary or aged finishes, all of which can be viewed and borrowed from our Guildford showroom, we also provide you the total freedom to specify your own bespoke floor by using our Personal Design Service.

Personal Design Service

Our Personal Design Service offers you the chance to choose your own type of unfinished wood floor – species, thickness, width and grade (rustic – with knots, prime – without knots) in engineered plank, herringbone and chevron options, and we are then able to supply, fit and finish this on site to your own personal specification.

Using primers, stains, hard wax oils, and/or water-based lacquers we are able to provide you with a bespoke colour matching service, so that even if you cannot find a product exactly to your taste off the shelf, we are still able to achieve the exact colour and finish you seek.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered hardwood floors consist of a top layer of solid hardwood, such as oak or walnut with a multi-layered construction of backing timbers, usually spruce / pine / birch / poplar layered at right angles and compacted tightly together.

Invented to solve the problems that solid wood faces (expansion, contraction, warping, cupping) under climate and temperature changes, engineered wood flooring is able to withstand extreme temperature changes, as well as remaining flexible, strong and durable.

Our Engineered wood flooring is available in plank, herringbone, chevron, square and other design panel formats. Engineered wood flooring is also completely compatible with under floor heating and is up to 75% more stable than a solid construction; hence it’s increased popularity in recent years. (Please see our Solid Versus Engineered Wood Flooring document on our Advice page for more detailed information).

Herringbone Floors

Herringbone is an extremely popular and versatile form of small block parquet flooring, which is often chosen by our clients for their interior spaces to create that real wow factor! Luxurious, elegant and beautiful in its design, and once used by the Romans to build their roads, the herringbone parquet pattern suits both older style and more contemporary properties.

Herringbone wood floors are also incredibly practical and hardwearing. Wood and Stone Ltd have over 20 years’ experience in the intricate and detailed skill of installing herringbone pattern floors. (Please browse our Gallery, Facebook and Instagram pages to see examples of our herringbone installations).

Herringbone blocks are supplied pre-cut and tongue and grooved and fitted as separate individual left-hand / right-hand pieces which interlock using the tongue and grooves. Herringbone parquet is available in smaller tumbled, distressed block formats as well as more square edged /micro-bevel larger formats in contemporary colours, which means that can be used to look amazing in traditional and modern settings.

Wood and Stone Ltd supply herringbone parquet in both engineered and solid formats, tumbled and square shoulder formats, pre-finished in over 25 styles and colours, as well as offering our personal design service if you cannot find a herringbone style exactly suiting you taste from the shelf and would like us to fit an unfinished herringbone wood species, and then stain, seal and finish it on site.

Chevron Floors

Chevron flooring (French Herringbone), is a dynamic parquet pattern, which originated around the 16th century in France, in the royal court of Louis XIV, who replaced his stone floors at the Palais de Versailles with wood parquet in 1684. Baroque design was all about geometry and symmetry and the Chevron parquet pattern became one of the more favoured styles used in high profile projects for nobles and monarchs.

Our chevron flooring is supplied pre-cut at a 30-degree, 45-degree or 60-degree angle and it is tongue and grooved on the long side of the boards to create a chevron or ‘V’ shape pattern when fitted. This style is now becoming a popular choice for many leading designers as it displays a sophistication of uniformity and quality, especially due to the fact that it is must be fitted by experienced and dedicated wood flooring installers.

Wood and Stone Ltd supply and install a wide selection of striking chevron floors in a variety of colours finishes and our new distressed chevron samples also have matching plank and herringbone options, offering you variety of style in the same colour and finish from room to room.

Environmental Sustainability

Wood and Stone Ltd use certified wood flooring products that comply with FSC requirements and we fully support the sustainable management of forests around the world. FSC certification shows that each stage of the process involved with creating the floor, has shown to take responsibility for the environment. So, it could be the manufacturer only uses wood taken from sustainable forests. They may also recycle any waste they produce and focus on environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Choosing a floor, which comes from a manufacturer with FSC certification, will therefore guarantee its benefits to the environment. Engineered hardwood flooring provides a far more environmentally friendly option than solid hardwood flooring, since its construction uses far less solid hardwood and more of the quick-growing core materials like poplar, birch, spruce and pine. The fewer trees that are cut down to create wooden flooring, the better it is for our environment.

The result is also a lot less wastage during the manufacturing process. There’s also the fact that engineered wood floors are more stable, and often more durable than solid wood. So, they’ll also need to be replaced less frequently.