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Travertine Flooring

About Travertine

Travertine forms naturally around mineral spring deposits and is an especially attractive form of limestone. Its marble-like texture and attractive earthy colours make it one of the most popular stones used for building materials, including floors. Travertine is one of the oldest building materials in existence and will definitely add a sense of age and prestige to your home.

Historically, much of the travertine used in architecture came from the mountains of Italy, but today most travertine tiles originate in Turkey, Iran, Mexico, and Peru. It has been used in a variety of building projects for thousands of years. Our travertine flooring tiles come in a variety of earthy colours, including browns, tans, beiges and rusts and are very durable, although its porousness means that you need to seal the surface regularly. We believe that a travertine floor can add a unique blend of natural mountain beauty to your interior space.

A Natural Material

As a natural material each and every travertine tile is unique and many people choose travertine because of its more mild, subdued and subtle swirly patterns and hues. Thanks to its soft palette of colours, travertine floors will provide your room with a reserved dignity that is much more subtle than granite or marble.

Our travertine tiles are available in beige, grey, tan and speckled off-white hues, and they will give a natural earthly feel to a space without overwhelming a room with dramatic colours.

Our Travertine Tile Finishes:


Polished: glossy, polished for maximum smoothness, best for resisting stains

Honed: filled and lightly polished, matt, less slippery than polished stone,

Tumbled: rounded corners and edges, aged, beautiful antique look, provides good traction underfoot

Brushed: textured by treatment with wire brushes to give the stone a matt surface

We supply and fit a variety of travertine stone floors, both tumbled and honed & filled – take a look at our gallery or visit our showroom today to view and borrow samples.