Stone Floors

Natural Stone

When it comes to flooring materials, none is more luxurious and elegant than natural stone. The term ‘natural stone’ refers to a variety of mountain-born mineral substances that are hard to match with any imitation or manufactured stone products. Common natural stone flooring includes slate, marble, limestone, travertine, granite, and sandstone – each of which has slightly different properties.

Benefits of Using Natural Stone Flooring

Wood and Stone Ltd supply and install a wide variety of natural stone flooring and we have a vast selection of samples for you to view and borrow from our Guildford showroom, including limestone, marble, travertine, slate, granite and sandstone.   Please take a look at our gallery page for some examples of the natural stone products we supply.

Benefits of Using Natural Stone Flooring:

There are many aesthetic and practical reasons why natural stone flooring can be a good choice: 

Every piece of stone is a unique creation of the earth, so every natural stone floor is entirely one of a kind. The physical geological qualities of the stone can help to give living spaces a direct and everlasting connection to the natural world, unlike any other building material.  Natural stone flooring tiles are inimitable, distinctive, non-polluting, and eco-friendly!