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Slate Flooring

Due to its functional nature, durability and awe-inspiring magnificence, natural slate has the ability to bring a unique and powerful beauty to any flooring installation. Some of the main advantages of natural slate flooring are:


Slate is one of the strongest standard natural stone flooring materials and has a natural durability that makes it resistant to breaks, scratches, cracks, and chips. Slate, like other natural stone, requires regular sealing in some exterior environments, but will last for decades and looks great too. It is an excellent flooring material for bathrooms and kitchens and provides many years of service, making it a practical and popular flooring material for heavy-traffic areas.

Distinctive appearance: 

There are countless solid colours and colour combinations available when choosing slate flooring. The natural beauty of slate can manifest in distinctly different ways in each slate tile, which means that every floor will have its own one-of-a-kind look. We supply and install a wide variety of both solid colour and multi-coloured slate materials that can work well with nearly any interior style you are trying to create. Some slates have wildly contrasting colours, while others are more subdued, but the appearance will always be unique. Your options increase due to the many grout colours available, which can complement or contrast with the tiles themselves. This ‘uniqueness’ makes slate an ideal choice for highly visible areas, such as hallways or large kitchens.


Compatible with under floor heating systems, slate flooring, as well as other forms of natural stone, is fantastic for radiating heat. This means that it is the perfect medium for under floor heating systems—both water systems that circulate hot water, and electric mat systems. We can also supply and install electric mat under floor heating systems – just let us know if you would like a quote. This attribute makes slate a good choice for bathrooms, provided it is well sealed to keep it waterproof.


Of all natural stone floors, slate is one of the most affordable options.

Beautiful and Bespoke


Slate is a beautiful and bespoke flooring material, which is also extremely durable and will always value to your property. This is especially true when it’s installed in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom, or in hallways where it is immediately evident to your visitors.

We supply and fit a variety of slate floors – take a look at our gallery or visit our showroom today to view and borrow samples.