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Luxury Carpets

Quality Carpets

At Wood and Stone Ltd we also supply and fit a number of high-end, quality carpet products, which can either be fitted to a full room, or made into a beautiful rug for your wood or stone floor.

We offer a variety of wool, wool-mix and synthetic carpet products, with plenty of variety in colour, texture and pattern to complement traditional or modern properties.

A One-Stop Shop

The beauty of our company is that we often supply and fit wood to one area of the home, stone to another and carpets to stairs and bedrooms, meaning that we act as a one-stop-shop for all your flooring needs. 

Please pop into our Guildford showroom to view our carpet range and borrow samples to match with your interior colour scheme, or call us on 01483 454035 if you would like a site visit to measure up and provide you with a free estimate.

Carpet Types We Supply and Fit:


Wool is the most popular of our carpet materials as it is natural, versatile, hardwearing and incredibly soft underfoot. As well as making a space feel cosy and luxurious, wool also has insulating properties. Wool can be dyed to a variety of colours and tufted into an array of textures and patterns. Most of the wool in our carpets products is sourced from New Zealand, where the mountain rainfall and altitude produces the most luxurious form of wool, renowned for its durability, fine texture and purity.



The Sisal plant has evolved and survived for years in very hot and arid climates, and therefore oozes durability. This stunning material, sourced from China, South Tanzania and Brazil, was originally used as tough, hardy twine, but can now be formed into elegant, exotic and attractive carpets/rugs. After being stripped and dried for a month, the sisal is crafted into beautiful floor coverings ready for your home.



Sisool is a blend of two natural materials, soft wool and resilient sisal, bringing you the best of both worlds. Mixing the two products produces a texture that has the strength and durability of sisal and the comforting softness of wool. Sisool has a graceful natural coloured texture and special design, which can be used in most rooms of the home with the exception of the stairs. It is a hardwearing floor covering, yet soft to the touch, with contrasting fibres.



Our Coir comes from coconut husks from Kerala in Southern India, whose fibres are softened in water for 10 months before being beaten to separate them. The fibres are then dried, cleaned and spun into beautiful, hardwearing floor coverings. Coir is natural, homely, rich and resilient, comes in varied patterns such as herringbone, panama and boucle, and can be laid wall to wall or made into rugs.



Probably the toughest of all our carpet materials, our Seagrass is sourced from Vietnam and China. Durable, soft underfoot and anti-static, Seagrass is a perennial grass grown and harvested from fields flooded with seawater. It is hardy because of its origin; having to withstand salt from the sea, heat from the Eastern sun and typhoon weather conditions. Seagrass is woven into an array of carpet styles including herringbone and basket weave patterns, and it comes in both normal and fine weave variations.



Jute is a soft, shiny, long vegetable fibre that can be spun into strong, coarse threads. It is considered environmentally friendly as it takes just 6 months to grow and mature and is entirely biodegradable and compostable. Jute stems from the Mahanadi coastal areas are toughened by the coastal water where they grow. Once they have been immersed in slow-running, natural spring water, their fibres are weaved into some fabulously stunning floor covering designs.


Some of the carpet brands we supply and fit:



Jacaranda produce luxurious carpets and rugs, which combine quality and style, and result in some of the most beautiful handmade textures for your interiors. Most of Jacaranda’s carpets are hand-woven, an art which takes time and skill. Each of their carpet rolls passes through 13 skilled hands – dying and drying yarn, winding bobbins, warping yam and hand-weaving on looms, adding and drying the backing, shearing, hand finishing and quality control. Jacaranda carpets include a wonderful colour bank and character filled textures. Their carpets have a quirkiness of texture, which cannot and does not set out to mirror the uniformity of machine-made carpets. Their Himalayan rugs are hand-knotted in Nepal from traditional Tibetan or New Zealand wool and Chinese silk, and their Tibetan weavers create every individual knot by hand.

Visit our showroom to browse and borrow samples from their range



Crucial Trading

Crucial Trading produce delightful, imaginative, inspiring and carpets of superior quality. Products include Wool, Sisal, Sisool, Coir, Seagrass and Jute. They also offer a custom rug builder service, allowing our customers to build a unique rug to their exact requirements using the floor covering and border combination of their dreams. Their beautiful products have been used at the centre of inspiring interior design. Founded in London, they were set up to exclusively produce natural material floor coverings and they remain at the forefront of innovative design. Crucial has over 100 different floor coverings in their collection including award-winning ranges such as Mississippi and Fabulous. They were the first to create the new blend of floor covering – Sisool, a new trend for the combination of soft wool and tactile sisal.

Visit our showroom to browse and borrow samples



Elements London

Elements London has created a range of luxury carpets suitable for domestic and commercial purposes that you won’t find anywhere else. Their collection includes New Zealand wools, wool mixes and their silky soft Teksilk. This luxurious velour range is uniquely soft, silky and velvet-like to the touch, but also durable and out-performs many other brands as it is made from Antron nylon, which lasts up to 75% longer than the majority of competitive nylon carpets, which is better for the environment as well as your budget.

Visit our showroom to browse and borrow samples from their range



Having played a significant role in the introduction of natural flooring to the UK, Fibre carpets produce creative floor coverings, rugs and stair runners that are not only elegant but eco-friendly too. They offer a comprehensive range of natural carpets and contemporary wool carpets, which are ethically and sustainably sourced, with both classic and modern designs to suit any type of home. They also produce an innovative fauXsal range, which is a synthetic sisal-looking flooring that offers practical solutions for high maintenance areas.

Visit our showroom to browse and borrow samples from their range




Originally based in Scotland, Clarendon produce their own tufted wool ranges in the UK and Europe. Their products consist of the finest wool blends and their state of the art facilities and advanced production methods mean they can offer hundreds of different carpet options. Their carpets are beautiful, durable, soft and sustainable. Clarendon’s focus on maintaining excellent stock levels results in delivering a consistently high level of service. They also offer a wool carpet warranty and after care service for our clients who purchase a wool or wool-rich carpet or rug.

Visit our showroom to browse and borrow samples from their range




Lifestyle produce a variety of floor coverings including carpets in an array of colours, textures and patterns, which are made of wool or synthetic materials, wool/synthetic mixes, Wolltec fibre and iSense yarn. Their new iLove collection made from the innovative iSense yarn is super-soft, super-strong and is fast becoming the latest interior design crush. Lifestyle carpets are covered by Lifestyle’s extensive wear and/or stain warranties and their designers strive to produce contemporary, good value carpets that will look great in any home.

Visit our showroom to browse and borrow samples from their range