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Limestone Flooring

Timelessly Beautiful

The magnificence of limestone flooring is its diversity. At Wood and Stone Ltd we have an extensive collection of quality limestone tiles in a variety of shades, finishes, sizes and formats. Limestone floor tiles are timelessly beautiful and naturally variegated, with a textured appearance that exudes warmth.

They are also extremely varied – you might choose a light cream limestone floor tile for a soft, calming aesthetic or how about a dark tumbled black limestone for a more striking dynamic to an interior space. Honed limestone is ideal for those seeking a subtle contemporary look, while tumbled varieties bring an authentic feel to more traditional interiors.

Adding Value and Quality

Classic, timeless stone like the Dijon Limestone or Dove Grey Limestone have beautiful, neutral tones and will work well in most properties. Our choice of limestone flooring is available in whites, creams, beiges and greys in many different tile sizes, including square, rectangular, opus patterns, random patterns and fixed widths with random stone tile lengths. Our stone tiles are supplied in honed, polished, distressed and antique surface finishes.

When you choose limestone flooring, you not only add value to your home and but also quality to your life. As with most other natural stones, interior limestone flooring improves with age, blending style with unbeatable functionality and adds character, warmth and beauty wherever it is installed.

Mediterranean White Limestone

Limestone has grown in popularity during recent years due to its inherent durability as well as its beauty. Lighter limestones are slightly softer than their darker counterparts.

Mediterranean white limestone has existed under various names for many years; it is generally known as Antalya white limestone after the region in Turkey where it is quarried, Sinema (meaning sesame, after the pattern on the surface of the tile) or Limra Limestone. This lovely chalky white limestone looks fabulous in a contemporary bathroom. 

At the opposite end of the spectrum Jura Limestone, quarried out of the ground (instead of from the side of a mountain), has many different sedimentary layers within it, and each layer presents a different colour so typically Jura grey limestone and Jura beige limestone can be quarried from the same place. It’s renowned for being one of the toughest stones available and as such, has recently been the preferred choice of many architects who have specified it for commercial use.

Limestone Finishes

Wood and Stone supply limestone tiles in a number of different finishes:

  • Honed– a dead flat matt surface with sharp edges.
  • Tumbled– an aged, worn/weathered and distressed look with rounded off, tumbled edges.
  • Polished– a shiny reflective surface with a sharp tile edge.
  • Brushed– a smooth textured surface with a rounded off edge – brushed retains more of the tile’s original colour than tumbled.

There are a few other surface finishes available such as our ‘Deauville Grey’ pillowed edge limestone, which is a particularly bespoke product and has a real wow factor.

Some limestone tiles are available in a polished surface finish – the level of polishing is dependent upon the density of the stone. Soft limestones cannot be polished as well as harder stones.

Tumbled Limestone Tiles

Tumbled limestone tiles are best suited to older properties, although the use of tumbled tiles juxtaposed against modern kitchen and furniture can look fabulous. 

Most of our limestones are sourced originally from Turkey, Egypt and the Middle East 

We supply and fit a variety of limestone tiles, both tumbled and honed & filled – take a look at our gallery or visit our showroom today to view and borrow samples.